StarterGUI items cloning into the player twice

Hi there! So basically, I have run into this problem where the startergui items clone into the player’s gui twice. I have done a bunch of experimenting, but I can’t seem to fix this.

Based on previous articles I have read, I have added things like printing when the character is added, to make sure that the character adding multiple times was not the issue. I tried turning CharacterAutoLoads off and manually loading in the character, it didn’t work.

As you can see, the player and the character are both added in once.

This is my startergui:
Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 10.12.07 pm

This is what happens when I run the game. Even though I only have one “MenuLocal” script inside of StarterGui, roblox clones it twice for some reason into PlayerGui
Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 10.12.33 pm

Since it is roblox (or precreated modules) that handle the cloning and stuff for this, I am not quite sure why it is cloning it twice into the playergui. This is messing up some really important aspects of the game, and I appreciate any help.


Why do you have 2 MenuLocal? Isn’t that repeating?

I don’t, I have one in StarterGUI. The second picture is a picture of what happens when I run the game, it clones two of that script into PlayerGUI which it is not supposed to, that is why I am asking for help

Do any of your scripts clone MenuLocal? Are there any other places in the game where copies of it are before runtime?

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Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk You have no idea how stupid I feel rn XD. I’m working on a game that had a previous scripter already work on it, and for some reason they decided to clone the gui into the player when roblox already does it. I found the line using find and replace. lol thanks, i don’t know why i didn’t think of it before.

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