StarterGUI menu (Text Button) support

So my menu consist of 3 buttons, Play button, Settings Button and a Events Button. The play button works fine and is fully functional but for some odd reason the settings and the events buttons are not working which is weird because I created both of them the same with the same script just a different frame name for the frames I want them to go to once you click the buttons. Every time I click these buttons they both do the same thing which is nothing I can keep clicking them over and over and nothing will happen, I made both of the buttons to where you click once and then a frame will pop up which I’m pretty sure you guys know what I mean since it’s pretty basic. I will show some pictures explaining what I mean if you don’t yet understand. I basically just need help trying to get those buttons to work so when I click the button It will go to the frame.! β†’ Menu Themenu|690x472 β†’ The frames

β†’ How the menu and buttons are positioned on the explorer vuewfromexplorer β†’ The Settings Button script that is supposed to go to the frame once clicked SettingsFramescript β†’ And last is the Events button script which is doing the same thing as the settings button. EventsFrame script

You have misspelled the event name. It must be MouseButton1Click.

In the future, please include the errors you get.