StarterGui:SetCore "ChatMakeSystemMessage" Messages Appear Above Player Chat

When using StarterGui:SetCore( “ChatMakeSystemMessage” ) to send messages to Players, the messages appear at the top of the chat above any existing messages from players instead of showing at the bottom of the chat after existing messages

Player 1 says “Hi”
I then use SetCore( “ChatMakeSystemMessage”, { Text = “Test text”, Color = 1,1,1 ), Font = Enum.Font.Arial, FontSize = Enum.FontSize.Size24 } )

The chat will show up as this:
Test text
Player1: Hi

This bug is happening consistently online, but not in studio, at all places.

To reproduce this bug, put the following code into a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts, save the place, and then try talking and notice how the messages don’t appear after your chat

while wait( 5 ) do
	game.StarterGui:SetCore( "ChatMakeSystemMessage",  { Text = "Test text", Color = 1,1,1 ), Font = Enum.Font.Arial, FontSize = Enum.FontSize.Size24 } )

The numbers after the messages below indicates the order the messages were sent in ( notice how message 5 appears before message 4 )

This only started happening very recently, with my players first reporting it today. Not sure if it started today or not though.


Having this problem as well, glad I’m not the only one


Having this problem as well. Not sure if it’s because my game is blacklisted from the new UI update or not though.

I don’t think this is to do with the UI update purely because non-SetCore messages show in the correct order. I’m assuming it’s an issue with a Chat update.

@Tiffblocks confirmed this has nothing to do with the new UI system and is looking into fixing it.

The issue should be fixed now. The bug was caused by a performance fix in the in-game chat.


The bug is still happening even after 3 years, what is causing it this time?

Edit : found a simple fix lol , just do task.wait(.5) before sending the server message


Hey @ItsBasicallyDenis , looks like this was resolved in December 2018. If a similar issue appeared or resurfaced, please file a new bug report with more details so we can track it!

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