StarterPlayer Breaking my StarterCharacter

so I have a problem My Character should look like this when I spawn in

What I should spawn is as


But when I spawn in it looks like this

Photo of what I spawn in as


And I dont know whats causing this problem so if anybody could help please do

heres some more photos that might help

Any help is appriciated!

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Shouldn’t the face be a decal?

EDIT: This problem would be for for Building Support

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Yes but with a decal the face is in the wrong place so I used a Texture to be able to move it into the right place

so Should I change it to build support?
EDIT: changed it to build support :D.

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I learned how to fix the problem I just had to get rid of the humanoid rename the head to something eles like Cat Head or anything eles from Head then place back in the Humanoid and done