Starting a new projects tips

So I am working on a big project. It might not be the best choice because I haven’t uploaded a game of my own or at least a small project yet, but I think I can do it. I just need tips and info before I start doing any more action than planning the game. I can’t really find anything on leading a dev team or game development so I hope this will get me help on how to go forward. I don’t know how to do this but I can’t let this good game idea go to waste. I need to know how to make it happen, any suggestions on how to get started, how to hire devs, advertising, and community are helpful.


Sorry, I do not have an answer! I came to say this post is in the wrong category.


Your post is in the wrong category, BUT other than that, if you want to hire you can check this out:
If your game requires a lot of coding and stuff, maybe make a small little testing game version where you make the scripts and plan out individual stages first.
After you feel your game is complete with coding here and there then you can start building decorations and extra stuff.
That’s all I really have, I work alone so I don’t really have the struggle of ‘finding someone to work with’ or ’ needing help’ much :sad:
Hope this helps. And please fix the category for this forum.

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Oh was it supposed to be in development discussion?