Starting back the development

Hi there!

I developed a game about a year ago that I gave up for lack of motivation and I’m thinking about the idea of starting it again

The main reason why I don’t develop the game anymore is that it is not optimized because of the hats droppers. (Moving Meshs are lagging the server i think).
The link is here: Hats Tycoon [ALPHA] - Roblox
The game is still missing several elements and I haven’t developed it for a little while.
I would like to know if there are things that could be changed or improved.

In your opinion, is it worth it for me to continue to develop the game and release it?
My second question is how many Robux I would need for the game to start well, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k or more?
And how should they be used in the most profitable way?
Hope you can help :slight_smile: !


Decided to test your experience for any improvements.

Upon joining I found your tutorial UI to be clean though maybe a choice to skip. The tycoon went pretty smoothly though I recommend lowering prices on a few upgrades as many player may get bored waiting to long. I would also recommend improving the map itself with added detail and brighter colo(u)rs. The Rebirth, Robux and Hat icon UI looks well made. I would also recommend a new icon for the game itself as well as a few GFX images for thumbnails.

I think it could have potential if improved but don’t continue developing the game based on my own opinion.

As for Robux; it would be your choice to hire others to build and create GFX images and a new icon if you are unable to do it yourself. I would also recommend advertising or sponsoring the game once it has been improved and you are happy with it. You also have the options of adding badges and in-game pets for users. Remember user interaction.

For added information that you could use to improve your game and, perhaps visit the DevHub.