State Highway Patrol Rules

State Highway Patrol Rules & Regulations

Discord Rules;

1) Respect everyone.

Any bullying or hatred against a person or their race, sex, religion, etc. will not be tolerated and will be disciplined.

2) Do not post off-site links or advertise other groups.

This is to prevent the spread of viruses or other offensive malware.

3) Change your Discord nickname to your badge number and ROBLOX username.

The badge number must be separated by a “|”. If you do not have a badge number, find one and assign yourself one. It must be 3 or 4 digits long. [Example: 1826 | Lilith_Kiev]

4) Use each channel for what it’s meant for.

You can find a message pinned to each server explaining what that channel is to be used for.

5) Do not post NSFW messages.

People of all ages are in the State Patrol servers. We wish to remain friendly for everybody.

6) Do not use caps.

Caps may only be used to highlight a word but not for full sentences.

7) Do not swear excessively or in an abusive manner.

We suggest adding the “mark as spoiler” Discord option on curse words.

8) Do not spam.

Spam without a legitimate reason will result in a consequence.

On-Duty Rules;

1) Regarding "Cuff Rushing"

Cuff rushing is defined by the State Patrol as: “with little or no verbal contact from the arresting peace officer; charging at a wanted suspect, handcuffing them, then sending them to prison promptly.” Generally, we allow our peace officers to do this if they reasonably believe that they were in danger by holding the suspect in handcuffs; making them vulnerable to gunfire. This means that our peace officers are allowed to rush and forcefully put a suspect in handcuffs as long as they intend to roleplay the rest of the arrest after the suspect is in handcuffs. This is due to the extreme amount of people who will not roleplay their arrests. However, if the suspect shows or communicates that they’d like to roleplay their arrest, the peace officer is obligated to do so unless the peace officer has enough reason to suspect this is a ruse. Once the suspect is in handcuffs you can roleplay searching and seizing items, the Miranda Warning, interrogation, and putting the suspect into your vehicle at which point you can send the suspect to jail. However, with the new “detain” ability you can now put suspects in the back of your vehicle and transport them to the police department for booking and/or the county jail for arrest. This is up to officer discretion but if you fail to roleplay at all consistently you may have an internal affairs report brought against you leading to correctional action.

2) Roleplay Standard

When handling any roleplay situation you should roleplay to an appropriate extent. Your roleplay should depend completely on how much your life is at risk. This ranges from none at all (such as being shot at) to in as full detail as you’re comfortable with (such as roleplaying a stop with a non-wanted individual who is roleplaying him committing an arrestable offense). You can either roleplay using the “I’d,” “He’d/She’d,” or * systems. If you have another system you’d like to roleplay with then feel free to use it. Here are examples; takes out handcuffs / I’d take out handcuffs / She’d take out handcuffs.

3) Obey orders from your State Patrol supervisors.

The first supervisory rank is Corporal; all above ranks automatically qualify as supervisors.

4) Regarding Uniform Standards

Do not wear any bodies other than the standard ROBLOX block body. Do not alter your height at all. Do not wear crazy headgear. Do not wear any lore-breaking T-Shirts.

5) Remain Professional

Always remain professional while on-duty; adhere to the same laws that we enforce and expect other law enforcement and citizens to obey. Hold yourself and your comrades responsible. The only exception to violating this and any other rule regarding your conduct is when you are dealing with a troll or a failed roleplayer (FRPer).

6) Traffic Laws

All the State Troopers are required to follow the traffic laws.

7) Respect everyone.

Any bullying or hatred in-game against a person, race, sex, etc. will not be tolerated and will be disciplined.

8) You may not target off-duty Troopers.

When you are on-duty you cannot specifically target (direct verbal or physical abuse towards) State Patrol personnel as a whole or individually.

Off-Duty Rules;

1) You may not target on-duty Troopers.

When you are off-duty you cannot specifically target (direct verbal or physical abuse towards) State Patrol personnel as a whole or individually.

2) Cannot randomly attack an on-duty Trooper engaged in a roleplay scenario in which you are not involved in.

Off-duty personnel cannot randomly (without having to do with the scenario) attack an on-duty Trooper when involved in (1) a traffic stop, (2) an arrest of a criminal to whom you have no prior partnership, or (3) any situation where roleplay is visible.

3) Do not wear your SHP uniform while performing criminal actions off-duty.

The only exception to this rule is the State Highway Patrol T-Shirt without the belt located in the group store when paired with non-uniform pants.

Reminder: Roblox rules and Discord rules are rules that need to be followed in-game and on Discord. A State Trooper not following the rules from Roblox or Discord will be disciplined by State Patrol and/or Discord and/or Roblox. You can read the rules in the links down below.

Discord: Unfortunately we cannot provide discord links.

Roblox (

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