State management annoyance

I want to disable roblox’s default jumping in my game and implement my own jumping for ragdolled characters and I want to do this by avoid having to make my own state (global state is yucky and passing around bunch of variables and keep internal states also looks ugly the least ugly one is data storage out of scripts using data entities but I don’t like that too) instead I try to use features that are already provided by Roblox.

So I would want to set state of Humanoid to Ragdoll for this task without having to use (type)value entities but it appears deprecated, what are other options for this task?

Would this work? GitHub - jovannic/ragdoll: Ragdoll for Roblox

The issue is not that I need a ragdoll script but the state management for this task

I’d suggest Silo then; Silo | RbxUtil.