Statement regarding the possible controversy over Hanton City

It has come to my knowledge that my game Hanton City has been a victim of exploit attack which resulted in map being leaked. I also was informed that there were made various attempts of monetization of the stolen game.

  • I should mention one such instance. This place is an example of a poor use of stolen assets and complete lack of comprehension of game design, even though creators of this spectacle did manage to somehow obtain my map without my consent, it did not help a little. Eventually game was reported for use of stolen assets and subsequent owners of the group were permanently deleted.

To prove claims mentioned above, I will provide a few examples proving my authorship.

  • It can be seen via my twitter that I did indeed upload a few posts prior to the exploit with development progress with a consequent dates attached to the tweets.

  • Furthermore, before switching the development to the group, I was working on the game on my profile and the place has been lastly saved on 2018 featuring thumbnail of the older version…

  • Setting factual information aside, it is clear as day that my game has the most complete look, having both textures which are lacking in the stolen version and updates and it simply looks the way it has to, better.

Nonetheless, the accident proved to be of small importance to me as it is a common practice for people known for using stolen assets to be of poor creative ability and lack any sense of judgement whatsoever. They never will be able to utilize assets correctly and make the best use of them as they are always going to be incomplete. It just leaves me wondering about people who consider themselves developers while working on games they did not even bother to develop themselves…

vanletts, previously known as Tremblu