Stateview Correctional Facility Radio Conduct

Stateview Correctional Facility has a variation of policies and restrictions set for the radio. All Officers must follow these policies or disciplinary action will be taken.

Radio Policies

Policy I.I states that callsigns must be set in a proper manner. Callsigns are assigned in the discord by an Administrator. More information will follow on callsigns will follow below.

Policy I.II states that all messages sent on the radio must be kept professional.

Policy I.III states that 10-99 signals are to only be fired in situations where your life is at risk.

Policy II.I states that Tactical 1 and Tactical 2 channels are only to be used by CERT Team Members unless told otherwise.

Policy II.II states that if you say a message you didn’t mean to in the radio, you are to follow a message after saying “hotmic.”

Policy II.III states that the radio is kept classified at all times unless evidence is declassified by a Deputy Warden+.

Radio Codes
  • 10-4 - Acknowledge, okay.

  • 10-7 - Off-Duty temporarily.

  • 10-8 - On-Duty.

  • 10-9 - Off-Duty.

  • 10-15 - In custody. Ex: 10-15 x2.

  • 10-16 - En-route to solitary confinement. Ex: 10-15 x1, 10-16.

  • 10-20 - Location.

  • 10-22 - Assistance Request

  • 10-23 Emergency Assistance Request

  • 10-99 - Distress Signal. (Can be used by pressing the signal or announcing over the radio.)