Static Effect for Holograms?

I am creating a very sci-fi-like tycoon. Got bored and needed a new project while I wait on the others to finish some stuff for @JamesZealous’s game. If you know me, you know I always like having multiple projects going at once to keep me busy. Especially with the virus going around.

One thing that every good sci-fi show/game/movie has is a hologram. Let’s use the DCTV shows since I mentioned James. The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, (not so much Arrow or the other shows) have had holograms.

Tycoons have a cash collector right? I was thinking of making one as a hologram. Only issue is, I’d like some sort of static effect… I might just use billboard GUIs for this. If not, I’ll use parts.

If you look closely here, you’ll notice Gideon has a sort of slight but noticeable static effect. I’m assuming this was made in After Effects.

What’s the best way to recreate this?


I would suggest using the forcefield material with a texture id on it. It gives a cool shimering effect if it’s that what you going for.

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