Staying Longer in the Bay Area

I’m looking to stay longer in the San Francisco area, rather than just spend the weekend like I did last year, however I feel like a smarter plan than just grabbing up a hotel for like a week and trying to make plans each day by myself would be to split an Airbnb with some folks. So, if anyone is down, feel free to drop a reply below or get in contact with me via DMs. (My name was recently changed to MisterBlueTurtle, I’m actually GeorgeTheDev for anyone curious about who I am.)

Need to get the ball rolling on plans for this, as I will be booking my flights accordingly with this, and obviously need to secure an Airbnb. I’m honestly open to either the week prior to RDC or the week after, so drop a line if you wanna do either and whatever works best for people will be what I go with!


Good luck man!

Join the RDC Discord Server, there’s tons of people you can talk to there ^~^

There is a Discord Server listed under Social Links.


Thanks! I’m already in there and tossed something in Find Roommates a while ago to no real success so I figured I’d post up here as well!


3-6 of us split an AirBnB last year for like 4 days and had a ton of fun. Huge group of devs took a trip to Muir Woods. We explored San Fran one night, got some awesome chocolate and had some Island Royale LAN parties.

@BuildIntoTrains also captured an amazing image of @TheAmazeman sliding into the 4th dimension.

Was a fun trip. Sad I won’t make it this year



Hey! That’s me! Everything is Great!


we should do go karts again :eyes:

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:eyes: I don’t want to get gypped outta dollars again. Someone else can set that up if people wanna do it.

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