Step by Step testing?

I recently made some changes to my game and now its all not working and there are no errors at all in Output.

Is there any way to watch what is going on step by step? I really loathe the idea of spending an hour or two adding prints all over the place to do this.

Oh, yeah, that’s a thing! I’m just old fashioned sorry guys haha. #SpamPrintsMatter


If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is the job of the built in Lua Debugger. In Studio you should be able to step through your scripts and see what’s going on at each step.


This was such a headache! Putting in breakpoints and managing those was just as painful and adding prints, and ultimately less effective. Prints was the way.

Turns out i had a recursive require black hole. Haven’t done that in a while, but WOW! Roblox should throw an error when this happens, SERIOUSLY!

Events have a max re-entry depth of 200.

Normal functions don’t because depending on the application you may want it to keep repeating itself. I think this is good behavior.

In the future, I’d recommend making that the first place you check as often such code is what will cause a holdup like that. Cheers, glad you found your problem.

Also, side note, I agree about the lua debugger that’s why I never changed from my old fashioned prints :wink:

Edit: if you mean requiring modules, though, that shouldn’t be a thing xd.