Sticksdacat's building and modelling portfolio for talent hub

(Given that the collaboration category is to be deprecated in September, I am pasting my portfolio here, which will be linked via the talent hub. Let me know if this is in the wrong category, or if other changes should be made via messaging me. Thanks!)

My name is Sticksdacat. I model in blender, and build and animate in studio. I specialize in mid to high detail building and medium-poly modelling. I often integrate objects which I model in blender into my builds. My largest achievement thus far is contributing to a game with over 4 million visits, as well as my significant improvements.

Generally, I’m looking for higher pay jobs. Keep in mind that if yours is smaller or pays less, I’m likely going to prioritize the higher pay jobs.
Note: Many of the builds showcased are outdated to a degree, but I can show you more builds/models via dm’s as well as positive references from employers.

Works I’ve done:


Infected Highrise Showcase: Floor 27 (WIP)

This particular showcase is intended to be a survivor’s outpost in an infected highrise building.

Abandoned Military Base

In this particular project (my most recent), I used blender to model sand dunes which would blend in well with the flat terrain. It’s designed to be a hardpoint.
Game link here: Military War Tycoon - Roblox
(If you’re skeptical of if I actually developed for the game, look in the lower left-hand corner, credits are there.)

Mediterranean house (Work in progress)

My second most recent, and likely most extensive build. The roof is tiled, not textured. This is probably my proudest example of both my interior and exterior design skills.

Game link:Mediterranean house showcase (WIP) - Roblox

Low-detail Modern Safehouse

I made this much earlier in my Development career, But I’m still proud of it. I feel like the exterior shows more than the interior does, so please just take this as a benchmark for the least of my exterior design skills.
Game link: Modern mansion - Roblox

Modeling - Studio

Please note that I am much more comfortable modelling in blender. However, I will likely use studio to model less complex items if the job permits, or if it is requested.

M9 bayonet




Desert Eagle

Silenced pistol

Modeling - Blender

Note: I am generally comfortable with modelling nearly anything, but I do not texture in blender. Please take this into account when hiring.


My first blender model. Actually somewhat proud of it.

Silenced Glock

Not made after any particular model. Fitted with an osprey .45 silencer. My most recent model.
Unsilenced variants:


Hunting Knife


Benchmade dagger

Modelled after a Benchmade SOPC dagger.

Misc. Items






Uploading: 1BD5C41D-8596-4BF3-92FB-592453A097D6.png…


School’s starting soon, so I might not be completely available. Contact me via the devforum or on the talent hub, and we can discuss.


Prices are negotiable. I mainly accept pay per asset. However, I also accept pay per hour (200-1.5k per hour depending on complexity and detail plus a premium.) Whichever method you prefer can be negotiated in DM’s.

Thanks for reading.

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