[STILL HIRING] Looking for Developers to Work on a Police/Fire/EMS Roleplay Game!

Hello there!

I currently own a game on Roblox called the City of Roxton. It is a city-genre game and is growing very quickly! We have most things done already, however I just need a few developers to help me with some extra things that I can’t do. I am willing to pay high amounts of robux for high-quality assets.

What I Need:

  • Car Modeller
    • I need low-poly civilian cars (I can later duplicate them and add turn them into police cars by adding ELS to them)
    • The windows must be transparent in some way (they can be tinted)
    • There must be enough room for 2 people to fully sit in the front and 2 people to fully sit in the back
  • Car Programmer
    • The UI for the car must come up when a person sits in the driver’s seat
    • The blinkers must work (when you press Q, the left blinker flashes on the car and on the UI; when you press E, the right blinker flashes on the car and on the UI). Preferably with a blinker sound too.
    • A basic gear system that makes the car actually move.
    • A parking brake system (when you press P, the parking brake color goes to green on the UI and the car stops like you put the hand brake on in real life).Preferably with a handbrake sound too.
    • The UI must display how fast the car is going
    • There needs to be some sort of desync system or some kind of way for law enforcement vehicles to disable the car
  • Gun Modeller
    • I need someone to make a realistic-looking taser, AR, and maybe one or two other guns (I already have a glock).
  • Gun Programmer
    • I need someone to make the guns work
    • R to reload and more keybinds that are required for the gun to work realistically
    • There must be visual effects on the gun
  • Builder
    • I need someone to make small buildings with no interior (you can make a few with an interior though). Some examples are a bank, a fast-food restaurant, a simple apartment/hotel, etc.

What I am Working On:

  • Discord Bot
    • This will be a bot in the main Discord server which will handle verification, Discord moderation, a live member count for things like the current game player count, the total group members and other things like that
    • It will also handle moderation in the game (a Discord to Roblox kicking and banning system for rule breakers)
  • Anti-Exploit System
    • The bot will automatically ban a user if exploits are detected on their client!
  • Website
    • There will be a website for the game with vital information, an appeal system, etc.
  • The Database
    • For number plates, criminal records, etc.
  • An Arrest System
    • Also includes a citation system. If a user fails to pay their fine (citation), a warrant will automatically be set for them
  • A Spike Strip, Barrier and Cone System


I am very flexible with payments and I can pay up to 5k robux depending on:

  • What your task is
  • How well you complete your task
  • Your previous work

We can discuss your payment directly. You can be paid in many ways:

  • Per asset
  • Per month (depending on how much work you did)
  • When we release the game, you can be paid a certain percentage (you can choose this) of everything we earned at the end of every month

Contact Me:

In order to contact me, you can:

  • Privately message me on the DevForum
  • DM me on Discord (my username is Coderholic#4750)
  • Join the Discord server dedicated to this roleplay game: Discord

Thank You!

Thanks a lot for reading my thread! I hope to work with you in the near future!

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