Still impossible to become "Regular" user on the forum

I’m a bit torn between whether this is a forum bug or simply something that wasn’t worked on yet.

Currently it’s still impossible for Members to level up to Regular on the Devforums, and it’s been like this for nearly 7 months now.

I’m slightly annoyed at this, since I still can’t create topics in #bug-reports, where I’ve had multiple cases where I would like to.

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NOTE: This section is currently out-of-date

Promotions from Member to Regular are on hold until the criteria are updated, since Post Approval has been removed in September 2020.

This has been posted about dozens of times and the status is still the same. Please do not create duplicate topics.

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Thanks, I’m trying to delete it now but it seems I can’t do that without getting a strike (woohoo)

But honestly, 7 months and still no action on this topic. It might not be a big thing but it’s a bit annoying how for no clear reason I’m prevented from being able to post in #bug-reports.

A flag does not equate to a strike, you should refer to the rules for more information. You can flag your post in the future and use the “something else” option. I will unlist your topic for you.

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