[STILL Open] Hiring a full-time Misc Builder!

Hi! I am BlackStarIndex, The Administrator of Stax Corporation.

About us

We are a corporation that is aiming to create a military and SCP style game. We are in need of a misc builder to join our team and work full-time. This will be a long-term relationship as well. We provide a relaxed but professional environment for you to work in.

What is unique?
Unlike other SCPFs, we aim to create a new military-style experience for users to enjoy.

Our team
@BlackStarIndex - Head Developer + Programmer
@Golden_Developers - Builder
@XxAviaRWXxX - UI Designer + Programmer
@24Cookie24 - Programmer

About the job

We are looking for a new environmental artist / builder to join our team. As a full-time builder, you will be expected to be active, dedicated and capable of multitasking.
You should be a team player, building all of our games and their updates, optimising the games and taking community feedback.

You will be expected to work actively with our team. taking over projects and their builds. This includes making map layouts, collaborating with other developers to ensure a project finishes on time etc.

You are required to have advanced knowledge of development on studio and know how to use blender.

You will finish projects assigned to you on-time.


You will be paid 20% of our total profit (Negotiable)
This may be adjusted if we grow.

Contact us

You can contact us through Discord or email. Remember to send us your portfolio!

We are open until the title of this topic shows [Closed].

Discord: sitemaster007#7721
Email: staxcorporationjobs@gmail.com

Thanks for your time! Hope to work with you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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