Stolen Model? Help

(Problem Solved Do Not Need Help Anymore)

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I am not entirely sure if this belongs to this area (#help-and-feedback:building-support) but this is a quote from Top Contributor wevetments from another similar topic.


I dont know what category it would have been better in but, thank you for the help!

Not sure if roblox can do anything about it as i don’t think it’s their responsibility at this point.

But… i think that you can contact support through and report it as a scam? I’m pretty sure not following the deal is considered scamming. To be frank though, i don’t think it will be useful though. They will probably end up replying to your e-mail saying something like “it’s not our responsibility, try not getting scammed next time” but you always need to try. Try reading the copyright section in the Roblox TOS.

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you can file a DMCA for violating your contract terms and agreements since you both verbally agreed for him to only use it in one game. He’s making money off of it so I definitely suggest you take action for something that’s rightfully yours.