Stombay | Hiring: Game Dev, System Dev, Builder and more!

Hi, here are all of the the current job positions opened:

  • Game Developer
  • System Developer
  • 3D Modeler and Animations (Part-Time)
  • Builder
  • UI Designer

Competitive Salary - The more experience, the more money.
Flexibility - Work from anywhere.
Work Environment - Work at ease, collaborate with others, have fun.

Your compensation is negotiable. As said above, the more experience, the more money.
You can see the jobs descriptions, responsibilities and requirements on our site.

Working hours per week can vary, some weeks will be busy and some not, we will pay you extra for working extra hours.

Advanced Knowledge of the job position you are applying for.
Fluent English.
Strong Communication skills.

You can apply as follows

  1. DevForum, please message me (Blizzmond) with the subject of which opening you are applying for, briefly describe why you want to work at Stombay and please attach your work portfolio.

  2. E-mail, please send an email to with your CV/Resume and with the subject of which opening you are applying for, briefly describe why you want to work at Stombay and please attach your work portfolio.

  3. Discord, add Blizzmond#3778.


I would be interested in applying but seeing there’s no payment range, and everything is written as “negotiable” is discouraging.

What would be the minimum a 3D Modeller and Builder would get, or a scripter?


Hi @Gryves ,

The payment range must be discussed in private messages.

I know you are hiring people and all, but I just wanted to say, that website design really impressed me!


Is there anything that “Stombay” can show so far? Since I can find absolutely nothing made by you nor a group. How come that your account was created 5/4/2020 or are you just new to the Roblox Community? Would be interesting to get a little information about Stombay. :slight_smile:


I sent friend, my discord Samurai#1110

I’m only 13 I don’t have a C/V…

In your ad, you asks the game developer to work 48-60 hours a week. This is (way) more than a normal working week in my country and is in my opinion not something you should be aiming for.
Also, are you signing a contract or something? And the negotiable price is really vague, what is the normal range?

I looked further on your website, but the menu doesn’t work, your twitter is empty and the discord button is just linking to the discord site. I’m interested, but first want to know more before I submit.


Hi @Boele009,

We are a new company looking to invest into the Roblox industry and we need devoted people with motivation and great knowledge. We can discuss all questions in private messages, we don’t want to put specific numbers or details in public because you will be signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Yes we will have a contract subject to preliminary agreement.

I am aware of the menu on the site, our twitter as of right now isn’t active nor our discord.

If you wish to apply you can do so by sending us your work portfolio and resume/cv.

You gave no information whatsoever on your site on what type of builder you need. Also, to be completely honest, your whole thing sounds relatively sneaky with the lack of a payment idea, and lack of actual information on the project. Everything is vague, you need to give more information.

Hi @MissingFeature,

All of the details related to the jobs work must be discussed in private messages. This also includes all of the information regarding earnings.

This is ROBLOX, you can’t be absolutely hidden and still expect the right people to apply.

We are still hiring and have positions opened!

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