STOP! You might be sending a tutorial that someone have done it already!


The reason is obvious, you are creating a new topic which someone already has mentioned it, which may, of course, make your post superior, but have you think of the others, who created much quality post, than yours?

I see a similar tutorial, but there are a few errors, what should I do?

Good that Discourse has provided a perfect solution to this:


Just reply, and say out what he is doing wrong.

Why I am creating this post?

As a member of Devforum, I recently see a lot of tutorials about UI designing when there's like 5-6 tutorials about it already, and yet they literally just use people's UI as a reference, rather than creating all the images, tutorial content by themselves. Really disappoints me.

I personally think other users are just having a hard time differentiating their work from existing work, other than that, it may be also because they want to work on their promotion to regular so they just post away without searching or just for the sake of it (which is bad of course) :man_shrugging:

If you do see similar reosurces though, please don’t forget to flag the post or inform the author that there’s already an existing post via DMs.

Why DMs?
Because once a reply is added to a thread in #resources, the author won’t be able to delete their post if it was just posted recently.


Replying to someone that he is doing something wrong (Like wrong category or something like that) is off-topic, i prefer to flag the post or message the user, i’m saying it because in my experience, i got posts taken down (or got a mod’s feedback) about replying “wrong category” or mentioning that the creator of the thread did something wrong:

Thanks for reading.


No no, what I mean by wrong is if the content inside it is being a bit misleading, since if you really created a new thread just to correct that user mistake, seems a bit pointless?

But yeah, DMing the original author seems much better


thank you, ive kept posting about using the search button rather than making a whole thread and over 3 paragraphs of an already existing tutorial.

there’s obviously something wrong, it’s either for likes, promotion or honestly laziness.

edit: UI designing is extremely common and already guessing from that, there’d be a beginner tutorial as expected if I was looking into it.

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