Stopping exploiters from altering player input

I’m making a game similar to the game you’ve seen on Wii Play:

But I’m thinking about potential exploiters.

I have a RemoteEvent that deals with the Mouse.Target of a player - this is to allow players to gain points if they hit the right targets, and lose points if they hit the wrong ones. However, if I understand correctly, exploiters can just change the Mouse.Target to always send info saying that they clicked the correct targets, and never the incorrect ones.

Is there an effective way to make sure exploiters cannot change the Mouse.Target into anything? I assume not, but even when trying to think of decent server-side sanity checks to do I’m still pretty stumped.


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Unfortunately since this input needs to come from the client, it is susceptible to spoofing. Although I would suggest distances checks and perhaps checks to make sure the player can actually see the part, preferably through raycasting.


No. What you’re asking is simply impossible due to the fact the client has to provide this input.