Stopping replication of changes to locally Destroyed() parts

I have a server copy and a local copy of a part.
To prevent the client from having two copies, it destroys the server copy.

The server sends the change to the server part to the client. The client uses an ID to apply the change to its local copy.
But the server also replicates the actual change, automatically, to the automatically global server copy the client destroys. The server still thinks the client has that part and so inbuilt replication goes through anyways.

Can it be fixed by putting it in the workspace.CurrentCamera? I tried and couldn’t figure out how.

If I could prevent this, I would half the packets the client has to receive!

Put the part in Server Storage instead, or use remote events to send info to the client on what to change with the part.

The copies need to be physically simulated. RE’s are replicating the servers physics changes so the client can in Lua apply them, but I have 100% additional baggage in that the backend physics engine still insists on replicating for the server copy that the client deletes