Stopping text from getting unnecessarily big

I was just wondering how I would stop this issue from happening.

Enable the TextScaled property of the TextLabel.

Works, but anyway to stop this too? It looks very weird.

Stop what exactly? Not sure that I understand

The text is very blurry and does not look right.

Try using offsets rather than scale. It’ll keep your UI the same size across resolutions, you’ll also need to adjust the position to use both, however.

Just be careful when using offset as sometimes you might find content goes off-screen or becomes too big if you don’t use the right properties (or use them incorrectly). You should be fine with a small UI like that though.

As it is meant to be used on mobile, the blurriness is nothing to worry about, this is not normally meant to be seen in high definition

Mobile quality will usually be less than a Computers quality for example so its probably normal for the text to look blurry. I normally use the AutoScale plugin to keep all my UIs scaled across all devices which may also fix your problem.