Stopping the replication of other players into client, or near it?

Everyone in the game is using the same map but I don’t want them to see or touch each other. I’m wondering if Roblox has a feature like this, if not, would it be possible to accomplish these 2 things to imitate something close to it?

  1. Set the transparency of every character besides the client to 1(Invisible).
  2. Make every Player-Character besides the client Non-Collideable.

The reason why I asked such a question is because I thought it would drastically improve the clients game performance since it would stop the replication of unnecessary data from other players. They don’t really need to see each other to play the game properly.

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The only thing that replicates is client movement. Changing the properties of parts won’t affect other clients if not done on the server. In your case you would wanna change player transparency on the client and use physics service to make it so players cant collide with each other

Well… in order to replicate client movement, you would need a character, and in order to have a character you would need parts, hats, face, etc. Those are all data. That seems miniscule but it would optimize the game nonetheless.

Just loop through all the players and just see if the player is the local player, if not, set the transparency(or you can destroy it).

This can be done with PhysicsService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub. You can create a CollisionGroup for players and set it to can collide false.