Store design guidelines

Design guidelines
The mall has no theme, however it is intended to be diverse, so try to avoid anything too generic.

Try not to use physical meshes, they’re extremely bad for game performance (they’re 90% of the reason why my laptop gets 20FPS at best on major games).
Visual meshes attached to parts are fine.

If you have an idea for a store/attraction that isn’t a clothing store, PM me the suggestion first.

Technical guidelines
The store’s size should be a multiple of 24x4x24.

If the player is inside the bounding box of the store’s model, they are considered as being inside the store.

The store should not include localised lighting or looped audio, for performance optimisation (and because it’s better) these are instead ambient.

The store should contain a “RoomProperties” folder, which can include any of the following items:
“Sound” folder, containing ambient audio (make sure they’re looped but not playing, if you want to set their volume to something other than 1 create a numbervalue called “RealVolume”)
“AmbientLighting” color3
“Brightness” numbervalue
“AmbientReverb” string (reverb type, list of options is in SoundService)
“SoundPenetration” numbervalue (how much sound from parent room can be heard, 0.3 is good if you don’t want your music to be drowned out by mall music but also want the transition to sound natural)

Any model with a RoomProperties folder is considered a room.
Any property that isn’t defined in a RoomProperties folder will be derived from the closest ancestor that has it (except for the Sound folder).
You can nest rooms (by putting rooms inside a room’s model), and it is suggested you do this for changing rooms if your store has any since they may be made functional at one point (as opposed to letting players try on clothes anywhere).
Remember that internal rooms of the store will apply their SoundPenetration multiplier to store audio, and that you can make sure these internal rooms have the same lighting as the store by not defining the lighting so it copies from the parent.

For anything intended to display clothing items, it should be one of three things:
-A 4x2x1 part named “Shirt”
-A 2x2x1 part named “Pants”
-A 4x5x2 part named “Mannequin”
These should have studs on their front face (to make their orientation clear) and be grouped in a model called ClothingDisplays, a direct child of a room. They will be replaced with functional items.

To get a store to me, PM me the model, on Devforum or the main site.

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