Store Quests! (Dev Nation)

Greetings, Everyone! I wanted to share my latest game with you all! Store Quests is a game where you can have a free shop, and add inventory to your store! If you don’t like your current store you can buy a gamepass! Thank you for everyone in the Developer Nation group to make this all possible!
If you want to experience it for your self click the link below. 👨‍💼Job Quests - Roblox Please tell us what you think, and what we can improve on!

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I don’t think this is allowed as its considered advertising & youre not asking for feedback.

What am I advertising? (3000000) I am merely telling people what they can do in my games.

Your game + group (30charrrrrr)

I want people to play the game, and provide feedback.

Anything else I did wrong? (300)

It definitely seems as advertising as you had already posted about your game asking for feedback which, making more than 1 post for feedback is not allowed either… Also in your post you did not ask for feedback as you said you wanted to share


Did you read the whole post before typing your response??

“Please tell us what you think, and what we can improve on!”

Yes I did but thats why you edited it. Again, this is still breaking the rules as you have already asked for feedback recently so this can be considered as spam.

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Thank you for trying to know everything, but this is my first post in this category, and I made that in my original post, so thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great day, and stay safe!

thats techancly is advertising, you havent mentioned that you need feedback,

I did, it says once again “Please tell us what you think, and what we can improve on!

k but thats at the very end of the post, so allmost the entire post looks like its just advertisement for your group and game then at the very end its the actual meaning of the post

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There isn’t much to go on at the start you have to wait instill you achieve (Mouth Wash) to unlock more inventory?

You’ve copied and pasted buildings and copied and pasted the same design 5 times. I don’t see any interesting or unique features for your game I don’t see the point purchasing a similar building for money even though they share the same design consider creating different buildings so it doesn’t look repetitive. If you want to add something onto the interior, redo the building or expand it more; at the moment I don’t feel like much work has been put in this.

It won’t be considered as spam since this seems to be his first feedback post seeking improvements and suggestions on what he can add or remove. Please remain on-topic.

It doesn’t matter if it’s his first post as the rules are the rules and you aren’t allowed to make multiple topics on a game. Also— in his original post he did not ask for feedback until he edited the post. I have already given my feedback to him but since this is now off topic I’m not going to comment further

Cool Creations is already a place for seeking feedback, you don’t need to ASK SPECIFICALLY for feedback, that would be redundant.

No you don’t however his original post was him asking peopl to see his game with no mention of feedback or suggestions

That’s the point, you don’t need to ask for feedback, it’s already a place designated for feedback. Cool creations is a place for showing off your work.

There is a difference between the two. Linking your game and group asking people to play with no mention or feedback is not allowed. I’ve seen people’s posts taken down for it but now this is off topic and flooding this forum

The ui looks quite nice and simple. I think this is quite good except for this:

I’m not too sure whether you intended to have that light on the Pro under the words Developer nation but I think getting rid of it will make the text look nice.