Story-Based Game Feedback

Hello! I have been working on a story-based obby game. Something I’ve never seen before, so I made it myself. I completed a full demo for the game and would love some feedback from anyone. Anything you have to say is greatly appreciated.

Please keep in mind this game is NOT 100% perfect, and it still in early alpha stages!
This game has been continuously worked on by me for over 5 months now.

Also, this game adapts to all platforms, but it mainly focused towards PC players.
**Play mobile at your own risk
Link: The Crossing Demo - Roblox

And one more thing, all music and audio in this game is original and was made by me.

Thank you once again!


Wow! I am blown away, after playing around 10 minutes of it I am truly impressed. The cut scenes were great. My only issue was that the text wasn’t fully on some of the GUIs but that’s understandable seeing how studio is! Great job! :happy2:


thank you so much! it makes me happy to see this comment. this game is still in really early stages and will continue to be worked on for a long time! unfortunately, i am having trouble being able to spread this game so i feel only a limited amount of people will play it. i’ve been working on this for over 5 months now, and hope to have it get somewhere. thanks so much, once again!


The animated ui feels jittery,
The camera movement for the cutscenes feels jagged,
The cutscene to escape in the tutorial almost got me killed because it was random and shifted my camera almost causing me to fall off

Other than that keep working on it, Ill be looking forward to the finished product.


I’m really looking forward to the finished product, and I understand about spreading games as it can be so hard without spending tons of robux! I wish you all the best :happy3:


also, sorry, i forgot to add on, a lot of text guis in this game are intentionally placed off or larger than the box behind them because it’s the style i chose.

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thanks for your feedback! i understand all this is jittery and jagged, but i’ll be working on it and fix it soon! thanks so much once again!


Oh that’s cool, never seen a style like that before and that’s very interesting. :happy2:


I like the UI. It’s very… Interesting. It reminds me of Geometry Dash levels.

I played the game on mobile, and I think you should disable the joystick and jump button during the cutscenes.

Other than that, It’s a pretty good game!


thanks! i’ll take this advice and use it. glad you checked it out on mobile, too! it’s mainly focused for pc players, so thanks for trying on mobile!