Strange Texture Warping Bug

Hey there!

Just encountered some strange behavior with one of the tower models I’m designing for my game, Tower Defenders.
Sorry for the potentially off-topic post but I’m locked out of Engine Bugs for some reason, permission levels I assume only certain people can post there. :man_shrugging:

The Bug

This appears to occur every time I parent certain MeshParts into one of the folders inside the model. All of the other textures inside parts don’t seem to like it and do some wack stuff like this…

Some of the properties with this particular ‘Brambles’ MeshPart


There’s nothing unusual done to the parts, for all of the other models that have the MeshParts and Textures this never occurs. It seems to be just this particular Tower. :man_shrugging:

I haven’t tested if this occurs in-game so I’m not sure if it’s just a Roblox Studio bug or both the player and studio.

Would love to know how to fix this, thanks! :wave:


There’s an existing bug report for this, here:


My problem isn’t with Render Fidelity though. I am having a persistent, extremely obstructive, and annoying frequency with this now. Almost every model I make now is having the same problem and it’s becoming worse.


It almost becomes impossible to fix or work around now. :weary:

If the problem isn’t “Render Fidelity” you have to file a bug report and have your post moved to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs if you can’t post in. That category the post approval procedure is there for you and explains how to post there. But if your still having problems with, Render Fidelity you have to post it in that same! thread that has been reported already.

As stated above, please use our Post Approval Procedure to file a bug report for our engineers.