Strativerse Tutorial

Notice: Right now, Strativerse is on its Alpha stage. Some of the features listed here may be changed, removed or comming soon. If you would like to take part in the testing program, feel free to DM me!

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Strativerse is a space-themed real-time strategy (RTS) game. It includes traits from 4X (explore, exploit, expand & exterminate) games, as well as an important deal of tactical combat.

Despite the gameplay being low-paced, you will soon cope with heavy multi-tasking in order to balance micro and macro. Command immense armies of thousands of droids, or control smaller but powerful fleets of spaceships. Forge strong alliances or sign risky truces, customize your very own ship classes, trade with other empires while handling your economy, and keep your infrastructure at the cutting edge of tech advance!

Strativerse is, indeed, an actual universe of strats. Will you manage to outsmart all your opponents and conquer the whole planetary system?

How to Play

OVERVIEW :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO MOVE DROIDS :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO START OFF MY EMPIRE :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO BUILD STRUCTURES :arrow_down_small:

TERRAFORMING :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO BUILD SHIPS :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO CONTROL SHIPS :arrow_down_small:

HOW TO PLACE SPACE STATIONS :arrow_down_small:


WHAT ARE WARP GATES? :arrow_down_small:

OVERVIEW :arrow_double_up:

Your goal is to conquer all enemy planets and moons.

On top of your screen there are two tabs:
  • Home: Allows you to monitor the state of your empire. From there, you can access the Economy, Diplomacy, Campaigns and Research menus.

  • Map: Shows a list of all the planets in the planetary system (that is, the whole map). You can explore nearby planets and their moons by clicking on them.

Under the tabs, there is another menu which tells you how much cash and resources you have, as well as how they vary (your income). This menu is always available, but you can hide it anytime.

When you click the play button, you are shown a planet/moon in detail. That is your homeworld. You can view it anytime by going to Home > Homeworld.

Hold your right mouse button and drag to rotate the camera. Scroll to zoom.

HOW TO MOVE DROIDS :arrow_double_up:

The number above cities is the number of droids on it. You can use droids to attack and defend cities.

To move droids from city A to city B, click on city A, drag your mouse and release it on B. Droids will attempt to find the shortest path from A to B, but they can only move along roads (bright yellow lines).

You can change how many droids to send in the blue box inside the Options menu (on the right).

To retreat a droid squad (blob), simply click on it.

HOW TO START OFF MY EMPIRE :arrow_double_up:

The first thing you need is cash and resources. These are used to build cities and spaceships. There are 3 types of resources:

  • Metal

  • Silica

  • Fuel

To earn resources, you have to build mines. To earn cash, you have to build power plants.

There are different types of mines and powerplants. Which one should you choose? The panel in the left shows the traits of the planet you are viewing. You cannot change those. Under “Resources” there is the abundance of metal, silica and fuel. If a resource is not very abundant, it might not be worth exploiting it. The same applies to fission, fusion and tidal energy sources. You can harvest these with power plants.

HOW TO BUILD STRUCTURES :arrow_double_up:

Click on a city you own. A menu will pop up with all the structures you can build. The price of each is shown when you hover over them. Click on the structure you want to build it. Hover over the city to see the construction progress (the structure will not work until it is finished).

When you select a city where you have built something, a menu appears with new options:

  • Upgrade: Coming soon.

  • Expel droids: Lets you transfer droids from the selected city to a nearby spaceship of yours (Droid Carrier), which can then be used to attack planets or moons.

  • Demolish: Destroys the current structure so you can build something else. You are given back half of the costs of the demolished structure.

  • Fortify: Strengthens the droids in that city. When an enemy attacks a fortified city of yours, they will lose the battle even if they slightly outnumbered your droid army.

TERRAFORMING :arrow_double_up:

The “Terraform” button allows you to drastically improve a planet/moon performance. Once it is terraformed, it will produce much more and will contain many more cities.

Terraforming takes a while to complete, and is really expensive.

HOW TO BUILD SHIPS :arrow_double_up:

Click the “Create ships” button on the right of the screen. You need at least 1 shipyard to do so. The more shipyards you have on a planet/moon, the faster ships will be completed.

The ships you buy will eventually spawn near your planet/moon. To see them, change your view from micromanagement to macromanagement by pressing the button in the bottom center of the screen. Doing so will show you the planetary neighborhood of your homeworld.

To return to a detailed view of the planet/moon, double-click on it or select it and press the “View details” button on the bottom right.

HOW TO CONTROL SHIPS :arrow_double_up:

Click on a ship of yours to select it. You can select all of them by pressing G or pressing the blue button (bottom).

To unselect a ship, click on it again. Press C or the yellow button (bottom) to clear ships.

Click anywhere on the void to move ships there. Only the selected ships will be commanded to that point in space.

Ships will automatically fire whenever they encounter an enemy spacecraft or space station. Hover over a ship to see its type, its range and its current health.


Space stations are static structures that interact with ships. They can only be placed on a Lagrangian point, that is, the white dots labeled L1 to L5. Each planet has 2 points, while every satellite has 5.

You must capture a Lagrangian point to build a station there. To conquer a Lagrangian point, simply bring a space shuttle near it.

If you own a Lagrangian point, you will be able to click on it to see the space stations you can place there.


Bring 1 or more droid carriers near a planet or moon to attack it. Then click the “Attack” button (bottom of the screen).

You will be prompted the details of the planet or moon, as well as the assault or strike menu. This menu lists all the nearby droid carriers which can be used to attack the planets. Hover over them to see how many droids they are carrying. Press a button to select a ship, and then click on a city to attack it with all the droids carried in the selected ship.

Remember that you must fill droid carriers before performing an amphibious attack. Click on a city of yours and then press “Expel droids” to transfer droids from that city to the selected ship.

WHAT ARE WARP GATES? :arrow_double_up:

Warp gates are used to teleport ships. There are 2 warp gates near every planet. You will find them around L1 and L2 points, that is, far away from the planet, in opposite directions.

Bring the ships you want to teleport near the warp gate you choose. Then click on the warp gate to view the warp menu. In this menu you will see all available planets. Press any planet to teleport there all ships in range.

Warping takes several seconds to complete. The progress is shown on the bottom left of the warp menu. When the process is complete, you will be allowed to see the teleported ships by pressing the respective button (bottom right).

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