Stream showcasing entire development of a game

I’m starting a stream where I will be showing the process of everything game development related. You can tune in and check it out. It will be primarily on programming, but I will also be showcasing building, meshing (blender), audio, clothing, etc.

The hope is that you can tune in, catch up on whatever I’m working on and learn something in the process, and possibly even inspire others to start making games on Roblox.

I enjoy interacting with chat, and do not mind answering questions relating to Roblox development.
I have purchased out of my pocket everything that would be needed to cover each domain, such as a graphic tablet for GFX (I have been taking lessons), or even a good microphone to make the stream more comfortable.

If you’re interested, the game in question is my personal project, Border World.

The stream will be broadcasted over at See you there!

I would appreciate feedback on how to make the stream better, if you have any input.

Old Lobby (don’t mind the nostalgic models)

WIP Lobby Rework

I have hired composers (Stream Artificial.Music music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud) to help get this project out of the door sooner, so it is unlikely that this stream will cover music. Sound effects, on the other hand, aren’t out of the picture.
Lemme know what you think!

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