StreamingEnabled bug? Makes the entire feature practically useless

Hello gentlemen.

I’m having a pretty big issue with StreamingEnabled in my game. It’s a medium size open world map (about 6kx6k studs), however only a quarter of the map is filled, rest is basically just empty terrain.

So I obviously had to turn on StreamingEnabled, current min radius is 400 and target radius is 700, but it doesn’t matter.

The issue is that as I move around the map, the parts stream in, and stream in, and stream in… but don’t stream out. I basically made the server stream the entire map and it wouldn’t unload, with about 700 mb of memory used up already (~400mb used on start).

If I look towards the center of the map from a corner the game goes down to about 50fps (rarely 40, almost 200 with only the start area streamed in (with fps unlocker)) since all parts are loaded and rendered even if very far away.

I understand that TargetRadius isn’t the actual limit, and roblox may or may NOT stream out parts outside of it based on available memory, but 700mb used (almost 800mb), and parts streamed in very far away and loaded?? That is just stupid, what’s the use in StreamingEnabled then? To speed up the join time? This is ridiculous.

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, I’m fairly positive that I know everything I need to know about StreamingEnabled.
If anyone knows how to fix this then please let me know.

(Note: 4gb vram 16gb ram)

With StreamingEnabled on, things won’t start to stream out until memory usage becomes an issue. This is obviously going to depend on your computer specs, but 16gb memory is more than enough for Roblox and you probably won’t see anything get streamed out for a while.

Someone with a lower amount of memory, say 4gb, will have a different experience. Terrain and parts will get streamed out much quicker because of the lower amount of memory available.

Well, I just wanted to be sure.

I think they should allow us to stream out objects if we choose to do so in our games, I don’t need all those parts rendered very far away deep in the fog and have my fps stupidly decreased.

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