StreamingEnabled no longer works with features in my game and servers

Recently my game has experienced the following issues:

1) Servers Crashing
2) Car Wheels not showing up when cars are spawned

My game has had frequent server crashes, estimated every 30 minutes it will crash. This has started happening since the last ROBLOX Update at the beginning of January. Players get a Error 277 on disconnect.

My game also has a car spawning feature which clones the cars from ReplicatedStorage. The wheels (which are MeshParts) are not loading properly, this issue started to appear at the same time as the frequent server crashes. On studio, the MeshParts load in just fine.

Here’s how a car looks like just spawned with the missing wheels

My game has StreamingEnabled and it has worked fine ever since ROBLOX made changes to StreamingEnabled, but these two issues have occurred in my game within the recent weeks. I have tried looking if it was a problem with my own game, it wasn’t. I turned off StreamingEnabled and the game was just fine, wheels loaded and servers didn’t crash.

Although, I can’t turn off StreamingEnabled as most players will not be able to play on my game, which has a huge part count and is in general a big detailed map. StreamingEnabled has helped massively with my huge game.

Game link:

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I have done some searches, and this seems to be a very popular problem.
I have found this post that talks about this error, and it offers a bunch of solultions that you can try out, if they don’t help, try making a #platform-feedback:engine-bugs report, and maybe you’ll get help.

These don’t seem to help, also I have tried to make a report on Engine Bugs but approval is taking a while so thought I’d ask the users to see if there’s any solutions.

The server seems to be having issues itself, it’s not seperate clients, it’s ALL clients on one server having Error Code 277 at the same time.

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