StreamX - Reduce lag and prevent map cloning

The payment center is experiencing issues. I’ve made it private while we work this out.

Configuring thresholds for example. That would he extremely beneficial.

Yes, you can change it.

I am talking about StreamingEnabled, not StreamX

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Wow, the first Anti-Lag that works!


Slightly adding onto this, you can compress Color3 values extremely well. Read the replies by
@JarodOfOrbiter on this topic:


Wow, I missed a lot, huh? So I’m assuming people who applied before the Payment hub don’t get to pay robux like everyone else?

Yes, we appreciate our beta testers, and therefore will not make them pay for their api key.


Where do you put the script? and what type of script is it?

I’ll clarify this in the GitHub. ServerScript in SSS.

Thank you!


Downtime Postmortem

Hello StreamX customers,

I am writing this reply to clarify on the cause of the recent StreamX downtime that took place on November 6th.

On November 6th, at 8:06 AM EST, our internal downtime monitor detected an issue with StreamX uptime. It recorded that the StreamX Payment and Delivery Servers were offline and their Virtual Instances had been stopped. Upon further review of the server logs, there was a recorded “brown-out” at 8:04 AM. Due to an internal server configuration error, the StreamX instances were not restarted automatically when power was restored.

The configuration setting has been since changed and this issue should no longer occur.

We appreciate your understanding.


Hey @Crcoli737 just so you know, you got some goofy Internal HTTP 500 errors.

Go ahead and give it another test.

Nothing is happening, heres the console:

There is an error on line 49.

Fixed it, then I got an HTTP 500 error

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That’s crcolis issue then.I can’t solve that.

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My opinion and constructive criticism about StreamX


StreamX is really good but I wouldn’t consider it as an great alternative to StreamingEnabled Why you may ask? Well… StreamX has Downtimes it doesn’t happen frequently but it’s pretty common. I assume when a Downtime occurs most/all parts that were handled in the server won’t get rendered in the game. Correct me if I am wrong on this.

Reducing the Downtimes and making Backup Servers would make StreamX even better and might be even better than StreamingEnabled if this suggestion gets implemented. Making Backup Servers would prevent the possible part not rendering issue. As the backup server wouldn’t have an Downtime only the main one will.

Again Correct me if I am wrong on this.

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Regarding the downtime, we’re opening up another 2-3 servers soon and we’ll work on downtime detection eventually. When we’re fully out of beta there won’t be nearly as much downtime.