StreamX - Reduce lag and prevent map cloning

I would also like to point out in your post that we had this problem in earlier versions of StreamX. Instead of streaming the parts to the client, the parts more or less would “dump” to the client resulting in many parts being loaded very quickly causing a drop in performance.


Could there be like docker images in the future or a way to self-host the 3rd party tools?


I really like the idea, and I feel like we could do it bc at east I’m open sourcing, but for now it opens up wormholes for people to generate their own API keys. Maybe in the future though, definitely a good idea.


Maybe in the future, as of right now its still under active development and is not open to the public.

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Hoorah! We’re already at 14 beta testers! Thank you guys for your support.


You guys should do like a tutorial, because I’m a bit confused looking at the config script, I already have the API key in.

Should be straightforward, what are you having issues with?

HttpService and url stay the same

key = your api key
throttle = distance from the player that parts start to render (* 10 studs)
updatedelay = how often the server checks if the player has moved

total doesnt change from 0

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So, I followed the instructions and it said, then go to settings and select your liking

these are the only settings you should be changing


So I need a better explanation on what throttle and upatedelay is

Throttle is how far the player needs to be away from parts for it to render x10, and UpdateDelay is how long it takes before the server checks the players position again.


Thank you, now I have a better understanding on how this works


Added material and shape support

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Will StreamX ever support parts with meshes and baseplate?

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Possibly. But not baseplates since you can’t really unrender a baseplate without falling through the map into the void.



I have some more feedback on StreamX,
I used my trash garbage surface go 2 graphics card, I tested this in my game and my FPS went from 10 to 25 FPS while playing the game, so yes this works really well!

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how much do you envision this service to cost? monthly membership? year plan? Scaled depending not he size(plrCount) of the game?

Also, have you(or anyone) tested performance vs Culling service?

Thank you for making this!

as of right now it is free and will remain free for our grandfathered beta testers although in the future it will cost money, probably $1.99 per hour per server (or something like that).

Im not too sure what that is, would you mind sending me a link so i can test the performance?

no problem!