"Streets Of Rogue" Inspired Roblox Game

If you haven’t played Streets of Rogue, it’s a Roguelite, Deus Ex styled game where you run around different parts of the map and complete your tasks in this list

Neutralize someone
Retrieve Something

I don’t know if I’m allowed to put in the Streets of Rogue trailer, so you can look it up for yourself.

I loved this game, and played 91 hours out of it, so it gave me the idea to make an inspired game (not copied off like other Roblox games that I will not name)

I haven’t seen any games like this, and I thought it would be a creative idea to put a Roblox-Styled
Streets of Rogue game onto the platform, but I don’t know how I should do it.

Would it be a good idea to make an inspired game like Streets of Rogue? Or should I discard the idea, and work on something else?

Streets of Rogue features that would make the Inspired game more fun.



Taking inspiration from a game is fine, but you cannot make a copy or recreation of it. Make sure you turn it into your own unique game and you should be good.

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Because the game has material that isn’t kid-friendly (Like needles), I’ll be changing a lot of things on the game.

And yes, I’ll be making an Inspiration game off of it.

Good Luck on your Development! I will also be looking forward to the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe this topic should be in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support
As for the game, it could be an interesting concept as long as you include multiplier

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Thanks mate, I changed it’s location.

Alr, I listed out the game’s title, description, and the floors. I’ll continue going through planning phase.


City of Resistance


Welcome to Malbury! The city needs your help to take down the corrupted mayor. Join Shield, a resistance that wishes to put the Mayor “Out” of Office. (More description on the way)

Genre: Roguelite (more to come)

(FloorLocation)(MC Floor)(SOR Floor)

1. Ghetto (Slums)

2. Manufacture (Industrial)

3. Park (Park)

4. Lower-City (Downtown)

5. Upper-City (Uptown)

Final. Mayor’s Town (Mayor’s Village)

Lobby. Hideout (Home Base)

Tutorial. Tutorial (Tutorial)

Playable Characters and Obtainable Characters (Includes Potential DLC Characters)
Side Quests

A mission you can complete during a Run to unlock a new character.

Character Tasks

Personalized Missions for characters to unlock an upgraded version of that Character. Any character that has (Obtainable by Character Task) next to their name is an upgraded version. The rest of the characters that do not have (Obtainable by Character Task) next to their name have a new special ability instead of an upgraded version of their self.

Hitman (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Cook (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Feaster (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Jokster (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Cop (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Doctor (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Firefighter (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Hoodlum (Graen)
Hoodlum (Bleu)
Bear (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Investor (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Athlete (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Boffin (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Mimic (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Retailer (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Dronemaster (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Ghetto Citizen
Top Cop (Obtainable By Character Task)
Upper-Dweller (Obtainable By Character Task)
Blood Sucker (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Werewolf (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Boxer (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Biter (Obtainable By Side Quest)
Formal Thug (Obtainable By Side Quest)

The Hideout (Lobby) Original Blueprint

Just to remind you, the Robux Shop would only be for more character customization, no modifiers making the game better for you. It’ll only give you cool stuff.