Stretched and distorted pbr texture

my pbr texture is stretched in some areas Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 2.00.37 PM its a bit hard to see, but when i add additional textures onto the bed it looks really ugly. Any ideas on how to fix?

This is probably due to SurfaceAppearance not being a texture, therefore requiring only UV-unwrapped images: It can’t tile like a texture would, because you’re essentially telling the game exactly what each face should look like, so when you resize PBR parts, their appearances get resized too, just like a decal on a part.

This isn’t really fixable in studio afaik other than keeping the original size and duplicating the part, but you could fix it in whatever 3D software you have by resizing the part in that software and getting the texture how you want it, then UV unwrapping and importing the PBR maps into studio, which would preserve the look in your software.

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thanks for the advice it worked

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