Strife Stadium Fighting Game Kickstarter has begun!

Hello Dev forum,
Today im happy to announce that my fighting game ive been working on for half a year has entered its kick starter phase and is now accepting donations to fund it

Some donations will give special awards in the future in-game!

Game Link

Strife Stadium [ Alpha] - Roblox

1.What is Strife Stadium?

Strife stadium is a fighting game where you can select characters all with thier own special attacks and brawl it out with freinds,foes and npcs!

It is planned for their to be two modes,

Explore Mode

Explore the wonderful worlds @SuperSuperPickle has built and either train with dummie,fight off evil robots or even other players.

This mode will be availiable on release and will be accessed by the metro in the hub built by @SuperSuperPickle

Stadium Mode

Stadium mode is a mode where you battle other players to the death in matches to earn XP and Credits. You unlock higher leagues with more tough players but better rewards by leveling up your league level with XP

This mode will not available to a bit further after released but dont worry it’ll come some day
(Probally 3 months after release)

2.When is it being released?

It is being Released February 15th if all goes right!

3.Will it be on Mobile and Xbox?

Not at release

Mobile will be done more then Xbox compatibility will be done

4.Have you made any other big games

None except one but we don’t talk about that one…

Well thats all i have to say hope to see some donations come in even if they are small
Thank you for reading,
~Alpha Fennec Studios Founder Neptune