Strucid 10/4 Update

Here’s everything in the new update!

New Map
This beautiful seaside city map will replace the original Strucid map.

Crates in Gamemodes
In regular Strucid (gamemodes), crates now randomly spawn around the map every 25 seconds. Each case contains two random items from the following list: Blast Grenades, Dance Bombs, Energy Potion, Fort In A Box, Stink Bombs, Spike Traps, Launchpads.
Upon death, a player has a 1/5 chance of dropping one of the above items as well.

New Special Offer

  • 185 Robux for a brand new case that contains only past pickaxes!
  • Each case grants one random pickaxe. If you receive a duplicate pickaxe, you will be compensated with 4,000 coins instead.
  • Event pickaxes are not part of the random selection pool


  • Desert Hawk no longer one shots buildings
  • Semi-auto snipers now shoot faster bullets (750 studs/second from 500)
  • Everyone now spawns with 25 shield

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