Structuring projects?

Hey everyone, so basically as the title point to, is there any Roblox engineer official guide to better structure our projects in a way that it’s compact, optimized, reliable, reusable and performant. Because when i was reading the source code of the new template (Create and Destroy), i really got inspired from the way they use folders, models, ModuleScripts together to make the game, with a high dedication to Local-Server communication, really loved that, and as developers we really need a guide in the wiki or the devforum that you teach us you’re good habits.

A lot of us give up after week or 2 of work, because of the bad project structring, especially for solo developers and hobbyist teams!

No, I don’t believe there’s an official guide to structuring projects.

From my personal experience (assuming that you are talking about the folder in ServerStorage that houses the server modules), I would recommend making a module script for each block of code that has no relation to another. For example, make a module script for a Player handler and a separate one for a Round handler, as there is no need for them to be in the same script. Of course, you may need the Player handler in the Round handler, so you could just require the Player handler in the Round handler.

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There’s not really an official guide by Roblox on structuring projects. Everyone structures their projects differently, it all comes down to preference. Do research first, search on the forums/Youtube, look at how the templates provided by Roblox are structured, etc. Learn good practices such as using ModuleScripts when two or more regular scripts need to use the same thing.

Most importantly, plan out your project and how it will be structured beforehand instead of diving right into it. I can guarantee you for a beginner it will be stressful and you will, like you said, end up just not working on it anymore. Good luck!