Struggling with Development Fatigue: How Can I Break It?



Hey everyone.
As you may or may not be aware, I’m LuckyTux. I’ve been developing on Roblox for almost 5 years across two accounts and have worked on notable projects including Survivor, The Button Challenge, and Blockplex -even going so far as to win a bloxy.

However, I have a problem: I’ve lost motivation to develop on Roblox and want to regain it.

I plan to take at least a week off of developing, but with my involvement in two majors events and the release of Blockplex I need to regain my desire to create.

I know that I’m not depressed or bored of the site but just have no desire to create for the community anymore and want to know if any of you have had this problem and, if you have, am curious how you broke it. You guys have helped me through a lot and I know that your feedback and recommendations will be very useful to getting me back up to the level I need to be.

Breaking Development Fatigue

Lack of motivation is an issue all creators face at one point or another, I believe. Like writers block but for Roblox, I suppose. Now I’m no expert but this does happen to me quite a lot. Generally I try to just take a break from Roblox all together for at least a few days, which you already seem to be doing. Just let your brain cool off, get finished any other work for school, etc. and be ready to work on Roblox again. Good, now your head is clear but you’ll need some inspiration. This can be hard to come by. A good way I find to do that is to spend some time just listening to music and thinking. Even better, if you have a specific idea for something you want to do, I always try and find a song that I think would match the feel of what I want to create. I listen to that for a while and inevitably, ideas just come. Another thing I often find myself doing is simply talking to friends or colleagues about my ideas. Often, if your idea is good, they’ll get excited, which (for me at least) makes me excited to actually do it.

What’s important to remember, is that this is different for everyone. Those are just the two first things I thought of when you said you have development fatigue. Hope it helps!

tldr: take some time off, listen to some music and talk to others about your ideas

Breaking Development Fatigue

What if taking time off doesnt work?


You need to find inspiration, it sounds like you are missing the spark you once had.

Take that week and find an idea to persue on Roblox that inspires you again.

Breaking Development Fatigue

i’ve been on and off it for the last two years or so, taking breaks from a few days to a few months.
just ended a 3 month break and im feelin pretty motivated about a new game idea
i find i get unmotivated when i have other things going on - i’d rather spend time with my friends or my girlfriend instead of sitting at my computer surprisingly

i’d say take a break, doesn’t matter how long
get outside, do productive things outside of roblox and eventually you may come back with a better sense of what you’re doing overall

it seems you’ve got a lot going on online and the stress of that might be a reason you’re feeling not so eager to create, so once again i suggest taking a nice long break and doing productive things outside of roblox

love ya i hope you feel motivated to create again !! :slight_smile:

Breaking Development Fatigue

One reason I don’t hit a roadblock as quickly as others is that I don’t specialize too deep into one category. I build race tracks, I work on cars, I try my hand at scripting, and I do some graphic design work (particularly textures & what not). Because of this, I keep myself more freed up, and I don’t get fatigue as quick from doing one thing over and over.

Learn more skills. Expand your horizons.

Breaking Development Fatigue

I have been there before. Like others have suggested, I try to set new goals for myself that I feel I could have fun working on. I look into things that people haven’t done before and what might be required to do such. It doesn’t always come easy, but I always eventually find things that I want to work on, even if it just means making improvements to things that I have already made.

Breaking Development Fatigue

Thank you for all your responses. I’m going to identify certain people and their messages at this time.

HitThisVibe: It may be coincidental but I just got a new girlfriend. I guess I’ll have to organize my time better to make availability for my projects.

@LoganWallace25: I’ll do that. Let’s see if I can rekindle the flame. Thank you!

HTV: Perhaps that could have a factor, but my teams need me and it could destroy our projects if I need a long break. Do you see any other alternatives?

@CloneTrooper1019: I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you!

@GeorgeTheDev: Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the input, Big G.


Maybe you should look into Developing with Unity and make Mobile games.

Breaking Development Fatigue

I had a similar question a month or two ago. I was really annoyed at the time but the best advice I got was to just step away for a second. Just give yourself a break and when you come back inspiration might hit.

I decided to pick up a passion project of mine, again. I’m feeling pretty inspired. Maybe try working on something like that for you?

Breaking Development Fatigue

That’s an interesting idea. I might just look into that.


The problem is that I DO have passion for the project I’m working on. I do enjoy my projects and love working on them but it’s still hard.


In that case, I have that issue every single time I try to work on a project. Don’t give up, no matter how much you want to. Just push forward.

Once again, I find that stepping back for a few days can work wonders. I’ve become so frazzled in the past that just the thought of working on my projects irked me. I took a break doing other stuff, and when I came back it was a breathe of fresh air.


Put everything on a laptop and bring your work outside (especially in a well-sunlit area)! Human meatbags like myself tend to forget they need the sun to feel alright about themselves, so this is how I compensate

YMMV if you don’t live in a very temperate climate


You don’t even necessarily need to take a break from developing. Something that really helps me, as a builder, is to find a topic or really inspirational photo of a small scenery or map that intrigues me and I like to try and recreate it on studio. Sometimes working for one or two games for months on end really drains you and your motivation. So sometimes taking a bit of a break to make something that YOU enjoy can really help bring some of that motivation to create back.

Breaking Development Fatigue

That’s an interesting ideology. Thank you!


Well, I think you can try new challenges. I’m trying to make a realistic sports game on ROBLOX, and I am creating the menus in PowerPoint. I am also going to use only 1 free model, and create the tennis courts and arenas all by myself. It’s a real challenge. So, maybe, taking new challenges might get you back up again! So, good luck trying your best and hardest to get back to the level you need to be!


You’re making UI in PowerPoint? How does that work?


Easy. I think of a UI to do, and then when I finish it in PowerPoint, I start remaking it in ROBLOX Studio. I try to recreate the animations of the UI that I made in PowerPoint in ROBLOX Studio. I also do this with a HUD that I have created in PowerPoint for my game. I am currently working on the HUD and the UI for a game that I am trying to develop, called Activehenry’s Realistic Tennis. I am trying to make my game control just like in other tennis video games. I am creating the tennis courts, arenas, and stadiums, and I am also including many customization options in the game as well. It is also a great challenge for me to do!


Why not replicate it in illustrator o a similar product that you can use to transfer easier?