Struggling with Development Fatigue: How Can I Break It?



Pick up a side-project and do something fun and new

Breaking Development Fatigue

I think I have a combination of development fatigue, pure laziness and a weak affinity for programming. I’ve been on the platform for 8 years and 7 of them have been devoted to coding, yet a few of my friends are well-versed in multiple languages and it took them less time to learn, while I’ve been stagnant with everything.

Every now and then I make tons of silly errors or don’t know the full extent of things when taking part in development discussions (see: my deleted comments about how I said architects/builders != artists on How Artists Can Compliment a Build, and now I’m dwelling on them forever, especially since there are still replies linked to my name), so I feel like I’m late to the party and it doesn’t help when people already think I’m well-versed but am just making a mistake. Every now and then I pick up projects on top of ones that I have running, all of which never get finished or I’m just a small role in terms of contributions. Not even offering me money has been able to motivate me, despite the fact that I’d like some (pretty broke).

I always drop projects that seem like they don’t work, or other projects that aren’t fun anymore and simply seem like work, but that hasn’t alleviated my development fatigue at all. In fact, recently I’ve been using Roblox Studio less frequently than before - I can’t remember the last time I did anything big.

Like honestly, I’ve wasted a lot of time. I’ve learned to tell myself that being late to the race doesn’t matter aside from the competition and what happens should I get recognized, but that’s it. All I’m known for is working for small cordoned off parts of groups, frequenting the DevForum, posting uninformed or stupid comments or just whatever else people have for me (50-50 true or not, 50-50 overexaggerations or not, whatever). Too afraid about my coding to take commissions - I even worry about that when my works are not even public or accessible in Studio by anyone. Criticism I can handle for the most part but it’s more something else… my personality? Fear of things breaking or being bad? I don’t know.

Programming is still something I want to pursue, but I’ve been at a blockade for several years that just won’t move no matter what I do. It’s not just the action part though; it’s the learning too. I haven’t learned anything new except more information about primitives because I take longer to process things (difference between pairs/ipairs, using wait() as conditions in a while loop, etc). I see all these (lack of) motivation threads and yeah I always read them but it doesn’t help me.

I guess what I’m looking for is to… start over with my development career? Forget about the thousands of questions, worries, problems, whatever that I have - development for me is just starting to feel like a blur and a one-time passion that I just had dumb luck at getting decent at.

I get pretty soggy when it comes to these talks. Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to get that off somewhere that isn’t my own head. I just feel like I haven’t been in the right place and need to start anew somehow.


Update: 4 days in and I have no desire to return which is a damned shame


Adding onto this, try working on your game in a cafe (i normally make it so nobody can actually see what i’m doing lol) I always seem to do way more work there than I do at home.

Breaking Development Fatigue

I might have to, but I have no incentive anywhere :frowning:


It be like that sometimes.

It took me a month off of roblox to get back the motivation to work on anything.


You’re not the only one with this problem. I have it too. What I do is I push my self to do the work and focus on the work.

Breaking Development Fatigue

Just as I asked the guy before,


If taking time off doesn’t work, then there’s no hope. I don’t know what you want to hear. There’s no special remedy that’ll motivate you.


I’ve been kind of holding back on responding to this, wanted to let some other people give their advice. The thing about motivation and inspiration is that it cannot be forced. If there was some miracle trick I could do to always be motivated to do something, I’d do it all the time. But there just isn’t. Unfortunately, this is just something you need to figure out on your own. Everyone is different, in what interests them, and if you’re not doing something that interests you, you won’t be interested in it. I wish I could be more helpful but there’s just no way to force this. It’s something that just happens. You’ll see. I hope.

Best of luck to you.


11 days in: I still have minimal motivation to develop on Roblox, but still desire to stick with the community. Thank you for all of your ideas and recommendations to help me return to development.


After further pondering, I have decided to retire from the development side of Roblox and continue to work in the community as a marketing director.

Breaking Development Fatigue

Good luck!

What would you do as a marketing director though?


Well, for Blockplex, I manage and design the advertisement campaigns including -but not limited to- on site advertisements, YouTube partnerships, Roblox livestream commitments, and other events.

Unfortunately, development has been poorly managed preventing a majority of the information to go public, causing us to have to withdraw from BOTH Beesmas and the Egg Hunt, and lose the hype that we’d been building up over the course of two years.


That’s really unfortunate to hear that you had to withdraw from those events, but do you at least seem to be enjoying your time as a marketing director more than working as a developer?


I do. Thank you for your kind words.


Sounds really interesting.

Hopefully when I get close to releasing my game you’ll be available :eyes: