Struggling with motivation and perserverance

Hey, community,

I’ve been learning about scripting for about 2 years now, but I’m ashamed to say I have not a single project to display that represents that. All the ideas I come up with I fail to stick with after a certain amount of time, mainly due to me realizing what I want is unrealistic or seeing my idea handled better by someone with more experience. As a result my motivation for making games has gotten really low as of late. I’m not really sure if I have what it takes to be able to make a game, but any advice on how to come up with and stick to a basic idea would be helpful. Thanks, and hope y’all be doin ya thing.


Have you tried to work with a team that has another scripter? I’ve seen multiple scripters enhance their knowledge when working with other scripters in a development group. However, if you’re not a solo developer, I’d suggest to review others scripts to see what works and what doesn’t. Apologies if I did something wrong, first reply, but this is my opinion on how to regain motivation within your practices.


I’ve worked with a team before but they were all very disorganized, so I didn’t gain anything.

As for looking at scripts, I suppose that is worth a try. Do I just have to scourge for free models or something?

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I’d rather look at open-sourced games, I got one but the code’s outdated and broken, as they’re finished games which can show how scripts work together instead of having just one script to look at. Here’s the outdated games file(take it as an example of bad code):
aegis_thing.rbxl (3.2 MB)


You need to get an idea that you are like really passionate about, think of the thinks you like in general and if it would actually succeed after being released.

If you cannot get an idea, you can always try joining a team, instead. Yes, you may not entirely like the idea or it doesn’t interest you, but if you were to apply for a payment job, you could benefit from that too, payment may motivate you to get it done.


I recommend you start with very simple and easily made games and make games that gradually get harder to make, If I had scripting skills I’d probably start with a game where there are one or two things to do. However it would also be cool to see more remakes of old games on Roblox. But anyways, as for working in teams, I speak from experience, if you want to get things done you’ve got to know and trust your team members, talk about common goals or casually chat while you begin to work on a group project, if you know your team well you’ll work really well together. And whenever you feel down, take a break go do something that makes YOU happy I ensure you this will greatly increase your work stamina. Well anyways, good luck.

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Start small and build up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your experience as a developer.

I had this problem a lot when I started, but once I kept practicing, I was able to meet new people to work with and I am enjoying it. I’m not saying our experiences will be exactly the same but you have to start somewhere, and starting with big projects and aspirations is one way to falter and demoralize yourself when you realize you can’t handle that much.


When starting something new, start small and gradually build up on it. When you start making the things that you want and see yourself improving it’ll give you the motivation to do more.

Yes you may see people do something similar or handle it better than you do, so what!, if that person can do it you can do it too. All you need is patience and stuff will start to take shape. Don’t look down on yourself and push yourself to improve what you know now.