Struggling with sponsoring and advertising my game

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some help with sponsoring and advertising my game. I have super low CTR’s and I really dont know what to do at this point. I tried sponsoring on multiple platforms, and advertisements had a very low click rate as well.

My game is a story game. My first goal with this project was to make the storyline unique and not a classic camping game remake. I’m just looking for some advice.

Game: the cold forest - Roblox

Phone: unknown (2)

Tablet: unknown (3)

Computer: unknown (4)

I have about 3.5k in funds left, how would I go about sponsoring or advertising?


Yikes, those are horrifyingly low CTRs

I think in general that sponsors aren’t too effective if you’re working with a low budget. All the times I sponsored with that much roughly got same results. I’d say save your Robux for now, and perhaps try other methods of advertising


You need a lot more than 3.5k Robux to have the sponsorships/ads have an impact on your game. You didn’t bid enough, 1,500, 250, 100, none of those numbers are big enough. Bidding 10k or more will have a significant impact on your game, and you may see like 50-100 people playing at once, and those people will then spread word about the game if they enjoy it.

Another thing I’m noticing is your low CTR. Your ads aren’t attractive, if I saw one of those ads, I wouldn’t click on it, not to mention little kids. Little kids tend to click on those “clickbait” type ads, you know. Also, your ads just look like a game icon, in that case you should have sponsored instead.

Your game title is also not very attractive, “story” games provide no incentive for a player to come back, once they’ve finished the story, then that’s the end. Why would they need to join back? This is why people usually don’t click on story ads, why should they spend their time playing a game that they won’t come back to?

You should probably think of another game idea, a tycoon or simulator, those are good starting projects and will earn you quite a bit of funds. Specifically the “grinding” types of tycoons and simulators, that way players will be tempted to purchase gamepasses/dev products.


I agree. I have consistently received extraordinarily low value for sponsors – sometimes as low as 7 Robux per click (my target is generally around 2 per click).

Advertisements are almost always superior to sponsors. Even mediocre ads will generally outperform sponsors.


They were sponsors, and thank you for the advice, it helps a ton! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’m probably going to try ads in the future.

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Will do, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, I didn’t notice that :joy:. Generally regarding sponsors, 5k+ is a good place to start, it’ll get you about 25 players playing at once.

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If you’re going to be making your own ads for the first time, I can recommend GIMP as a graphic design program. It’s free online and provides a wide variety of easy-to-use tools and can be modified with plugins.


Also agree, definitely try using GIMP. You can create some very professional graphical art that can match up against photoshop users. Free, Easy to learn, Recommended


I’d suggest you save-up your money and try to get more funding, this is a crucial part.

Without funding, a game will struggle to start up, so I highly suggest you do this.

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