Stuck with making parts face a different part

Hello, I am trying to make a part face another part (e.g. a part behind face the rotated part infront)
I have tried too find answers over google but nothing then messed with LookVectors and stuff but no.
Any help will be appreciated.

Well, this is pretty easy to accomplish. Suppose you want Part A to face Part B.

PartA.CFrame =, PartB.Position)
--The first constructor of describes where the part is while the
--second constructor describes the position it is facing.
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On this page might help too:

In particular:

  1. local redBlock = game.Workspace.RedBlock
  2. local blueCube = game.Workspace.BlueCube
  • – Create a Vector3 for both the start position and target position
  1. local startPosition =, 3, 0)
  2. local targetPosition = blueCube.Position
  • – Put the red block at ‘startPosition’ and point its front surface at ‘targetPosition’
  1. redBlock.CFrame =, targetPosition)