Studio Camera Extremely Jittery/Laggy/Sensitive

Exactly what the title says, about a month ago my studio camera started behaving like this and it is literally border line unusable, I tried changing every single camera setting in studio settings which did absolutely nothing

Here is a Gyazo clip of moving my camera, take note, I am literally moving my mouse by barely half an inch in each direction and it is moving that fast and jittery:

Is it really the camera or is it your framerate tanking? A little bit more context would be helpful

I have an i9-12900k, 32GB of DDR5 4800Mhz Ram, and a RTX 3090 Ti, the issue persists from blank studios, to any game I own, pretty sure it’s the camera

I started experiencing this yesterday but a lot worse, it also happens when I move a part/camera. I’ve tried everything but nothing helps. Have you found any solutions?

I uninstalled all my local roblox files and studio/roblox player, then re-installed everything which ended up fixing it

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You are such a lifesaver! Thank you so much.

Nevermind- It’s happening again. I really don’t know what to do anymore haha.

Do you have this on?


Its a beta feature to do with the camera and they might of messed it up.

No. I don’t use that. I will try and send a video after of what it looks like.

Here, sorry for the delay.

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Edit: Not sure why it’s not embedding, it’s just a Medal link.