Studio Crash: Not waiting for player

This made my studio crash, why? … This never happened before.

Already aware: Entering play solo with a StarterCharacter missing a PrimaryPart freezes studio

A fix was supposed to go out a couple weeks ago, but I guess it got delayed.

Ah I didn’t see that, I was working with a friend teaching him how to use the Studio and how to do a few things. and this happened to him, wasn’t sure why so I asked around then posted here.

This should have been fixed already. If this is not fixed for you, what version of Studio are you using? (File->About ROBLOX)

Sorry for the late reply, had some internet issues.

Here is a screenshot of it.

Ah, that would be why! You’re three versions behind current Studio. Try updating to the latest version, and let me know if this is still happening to you.