Studio crash while saving after Asynchronous Publishing became live

Ever since i notice that “Asynchronous Publishing” became live, studio has had the habit of failing to save, or crashing while i attempt to perform any saving actions.
save+ quit (clicking the X button), publish to roblox, and save to roblox give the same results.
My estimated guess is theirs about a 50/50 chance between a successful save or crashing / failed to save.
Between crashing and the failed to save message, crashing happens more often.
Every time a crash happens, the upload or save will fail, but thankfully the save recovery has saved the autosave that occurs before every save or upload attempt, so none of my work gets lost.
Even though nothing is lost, its still a great annoyance having to go into save recovery and uploading it to roblox with the risk of crashing a second time…

I have no idea what exactly is happening, but it seems that the Asynchronous Publishing system is glitching, its not doing what is should, studio still go’s into not responding while saving every time, no matter what way i choose to save, this leads me to believe it could also be causing the crashes.

To go into more detail with that, when i try to save and quit, i usually seem to get a blank popup, that suppose to says studio will close after the save is complete, but studio enters a “not responding” state before the text gets loaded. But in rare times however, i do get to see the text inside the popup before studio go’s not responding. Afterwords, like i said, studio either saves, gives me a failed save popup, or studio crashes.

This is all i know, i explained it the best i can, if you have questions please ask.

Link to Studio Crash Reports DM:

Save To Cloud/ Publishing is a 2 part process. If in the last session, if you did a lot of Mesh/Modeling work, this part is still syncronous but will be made async shortly. This is why it still freezes while uploading.

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