Studio doesn’t upload my new version of FBX files after updating them in filesystem


I’m using a PC and importing meshes in bulk using FBX files. Sometimes when I import a model the normals aren’t facing the correct way so I go back into blender, fix the issues, export as FBX with the same file name and upload it.

Roblox Studio doesn’t upload my new version of the FBX, it just brings up the previous meshes where the normals are whack.
The only solution I’ve found so far is to quit studio without saving, start it up and uploading the new file that way.

This is incredibly frustrating when there are so many meshes I need to upload! I’ve been trying to upload 10 FBX files for over an hour and haven’t got half way through


The same thing happens if I check the box to scale large meshes.

Once I realised it only scaled one of many meshes I was uploading (throwing everything out of position) I tried re-uploading them to correct it. I would make sure all the boxes were unchecked but it would still scale the large meshes.


Another update: I don’t have to exit studio without saving to solve the issue, I just need to restart Studio.
Saving the place doesn’t cause any issues.


Hi @Urbanize,

That does sound frustrating. It would help us fix the problem if you can answer the following questions:

  1. How are you importing the meshes? Are you using the Import button in the Game Explorer?
  2. Did the problem start recently? We suspect it is related to the mesh splitting changes.
  3. Does the FBX file contain multiple meshes?
  4. Can you privately send me an example of the FBX file that has the problem?

We have a fix for the scaling not working correctly with multiple meshes. We expect to release it this week.


  1. Yeah, I’m using the import button here

  2. Yeah, the problem only started since I began using the new mesh splitting feature.

  3. Yes, the problem has only occurred so far when the FBX contains multiple meshes

  4. I certainly can, whats the best way to send it to you?

That’s great, I was hoping that was in the works.


Thanks! That was very helpful!

I think the best way to send the FBX file to me is a private message in the forum. I’ve sent you a private message. Could you please attach the FBX file to that message?


No problem, happy to help!


Hi Urbanize,

We turned on the fix for scaling large meshes.

There is another engineer looking into the new version of your mesh not being inserted. It seems like it is a caching issue, and Studio continues to use the first version. If the mesh is uploaded with a different name, or I close and re-open place, then the correct mesh is inserted.


Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know what’s happening with this. :slight_smile: