Studio frames slowly drop on certain place (Lag issues?)

I’m currently working with a development team on a “FOB” (Forward Operating Base), and it’s pretty big, with over 80k parts, and large terrain and islands. In studio when I get on, it loads everything and I have an easy 60 FPS, but that slowly decreases until it feels extremely laggy. Usually going down to 9 frames per second or less. This makes development quite annoying and extremely hard. It goes down by .1-.5 very slowly, and it’s very gradual. Does anyone know what would cause this, as my frames are perfectly fine in every other game.

Thanks, Ben.

FYI, I have AMD Ryzen 5 4600H CPU, 8 Gig Memory, AMD Radeon RX 5600M Series GPU.

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Have you tried enabling this property? It can be found as a property of workspace.

I recommend put lower graphics in studio settings while developing, and turn on StreamingEnabled - it will save some memory and rendering on slow devices such a phones or weak pc’s.

StreamingEnabled is always on on our games, and I’ll try it out.

It helps slightly, but it doesn’t put my frames up. And they continue slowly dropping.

Every other Roblox game? or Roblox Studio place? A game might load fine in the Roblox player but struggle in studio.

It’s hard to say if any one thing is the culprit, it’s likely just a large map so the PC is struggling. In that case your only options that I know of is to clock the graphics down and turn on StreamingEnabled

pretty sure you can’t use Roblox Studio on phone. but yeah

It’s only in roblox studio. And just this place/experience in roblox studio. It seems no one else is having this issue, and I’m thinking it might be a setting on my end, but this has never happened to me, so unsure. My frames are fine in other places in roblox studio.

There might not be anything wrong with the place then it might just be a big place and your computer can’t handle it.

Maybe if there are a large amount of particle emitters or something it’ll lag (tbh idk if that causes lag but it might if since it renders in studio)