Studio Freezing in Play Solo

I can’t find any real consistency behind it, but studio will randomly freeze up and prevent any inputs, despite a constant 60 frames per second. I managed to catch an occurrence on the microprofiler:

“Perform”, “Present”, and “waitUntilCompleted” are completely occupying hundreds of frames, freezing studio.

The bug happens pretty frequently, and seems to be linked to a relatively low camera FieldOfView. (Occurs frequently around FOV = 30) Actually it’s just happening all the time now, no relation to FieldOfView.

I took out all scripts, and this still happens in a build with around 6,000 parts.

Running Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6


Is this that clusters thing you were talking about @zeuxcg

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This is also happening outside of Play Solo now, just in the 3D edit view. It freezes the entire app, making it impossible to get anything done.

Sorry to bump such an old thread, however I’m having this problem too. Can someone confirm this is rendering related?